Learning Journey

Our approach to learning is carefully crafted and continually improved — we’re focused on play-based learning that brings out the best for your child.

Please find an overview of the room configurations we offer at Village Early Education centres.

6 weeks to 1 years - Observers / Learners

Children are born ready to learn and in the Joeys room is the room within our centres where children from six weeks to around one year of age embark on their first experience of early learning.

Learning at this age occurs through their everyday routines, so our educators use these important times throughout the day to introduce experiences that provide infants opportunities to learn about communicating, moving, making sense of their surroundings and developing trusting relationships with others.

The focus in the Joeys room is reading the cue of the little ones, focusing on their individual needs and abilities and developing trusting relationships with others.

1 year - 2 years - Explorers

The Explorers are our toddlers. The children move into this room when they are confident and ready to explore the wider Centre. Our little ones in this group are developing independence and are full of curiosity and energy.

To support this independence, educators gain insight from families to collaboratively plan to help the children build confidence, interact with others and develop new skills. They have the freedom to explore and learn, and are supported by the trusting relationships they have built with their Educators.

The focus in the Explorers room is providing new experiences around early language development, mathematics, science, gross motor and communication skills in a way that interests them and inspires them to explore!

2 years to 3 years - Adventurers

Children from around two years of age move into this room when they are eager to use their newly discovered independence and voice as they find there is a great big adventurous world full of ideas to discover, explore and learn about.

Opportunities are provided for children to ask questions, share ideas, learn about their environment, and develop friendships. The Adventurers are starting to explore language and chatter much like their bird namesake. The Adventurers are also very interested in ‘why’ and our Educators work hard to provide experiences that build on ‘why’ and allow children to find the answer for themselves.

The Adventurers room educators stimulate and enhance the development of your child imagination as they are guided through a creative learning adventure supporting social competence and physical development as your child develops autonomy, new skills and interests.

3 years to 4 years - Analysers

Children between the ages of three and four need to be given time to expand their horizons and investigate the world around them. This is time for them to learn from each other, test ideas together, and to be challenged by differing views. The Analysers at this age love to talk and experiment through play, and our educators provide all the essential opportunities to get the most enriching early learning experience.

Children will form wider friendship groups, and build stronger problem-solving skills as they learn about diversity and negotiating with others.

During this important stage of a child’s learning, they will develop independence, self-esteem, self-confidence and the skills required to manage their emotions as they play cooperatively with others.

They will be encouraged to think, explore, question, wonder, investigate and learn how to learn, as they discover through play and activity.

4 years to 5 years - Discovers

With a name derived from the Aboriginal Dream Time, the Discovers are in the preschool or kindergarten phase of their early learning years and are about to embark on their transition to school life.

Our transition to school program has been designed for children the year before they start formal school to help support their school readiness. Children of this age have an appreciation and curiosity of and for the world around them.

As children get older educators introduce more complex ways of learning with projects and opportunities that encourage and enable them to problem solve and research more complex ideas.

We understand the importance of this year for your child, and a bachelor-qualified early childhood teacher will provide our program. Our entire curriculum is suitable for the pre-school program and we work closely with kindergarten parents to ensure your child is ready to enter the primary school program seamlessly in the year ahead via our school readiness program.

We will liaise with local schools in our community to ensure each child’s specific needs are met as they transition to formal compulsory schooling.

The Discovers room is supported by trained and qualified preschool and kinder programs and we work closely with families to ensure children are ready and excited to embark on their next phase of learning.

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